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Embodiball Therapeutics   
​E V O L V E   Y O U R  P O S T U R E

embodiball therapeutics = body + breath + ball

The Embodiball Therapeutics Series of workshops and classes are designed as an innovative, low-cost way of practicing deep-tissue postural alignment, utilizing musculo-fascial massage, release, and lengthening. In a two-hour or half-day program one can learn skills to take home and use for a lifetime.  Through a process of applying body weight into a specially designed small ball, old patterns are changed toward increased comfort and range of motion.  The tissues are re-hydrated.  Comments such as "I feel more open and free", "I feel taller", or "This is just what I needed!" are common.

Susan Carbin-Hardee, owner of Embodi, saw the need 
for a method of deep tissue postural correction and self-massage
in a class format to address the creeping sense of overall tension 
that develops in our bodies as we live.  Her deep 
experience of three decades as a massage therapist, 
and as a Board Certified KMI Structural Integrator has given 
her the human anatomy tools needed to create this 
interesting and satisfying learning experience.

Your body alignment in gravity is responsible for how your weight is distributed through joints.  Misalignment and imbalances can have negative impact over time and lead to uneven cartilage wear in knees, hips and shoulders resulting in chronic conditions.  It's smart to get on it early to free your body and evolve your posture!

"That was an awesome class!  Thank you!"

The Embodiball Therapeutics Series
The new series is comprised of seven individual workshops which can be taken in any order and individually.  One workshop alone can give you enough education to begin to apply the techniques to other body areas.  The following workshops are in the Ballignment Series at present:

  • The Shoulders and Neck
  • The Shoulders, Arms and Hands
  • The Legs and Feet
  • The Pelvis and Thighs
  • The Spine
  • The Torso
  • Advanced Embodiball Therapeutics Fascial Freedom

Applying deep pressure to the body needs to be undertaken with patience and respect and knowledge.  There are nerves, arteries, scar tissue and old injuries under the skin, and each person is unique.  Having an expert in the bodywork field as a teacher gives the advantage of having the anatomy clearly explained as one learns.  

The balls come in various sizes and levels of firmness.  A smaller ball has more of a pinpoint effect, whereas a very large ball will have a global effect.  The firmer balls will apply greater pressure into the body tissues and, as such, are used more in advanced classes or in private sessions.  A softer ball is what tends to be used in the workshops as an educational introduction to the work.  Individuals can work up to firmer pressure over time as it feels safe to apply.  It is really surprising to learn how easy it is to create change in your body.

Susan says, " I am sympathetic to those who want to feel the comfort of deep bodywork, but cannot​ afford the cost of Structural Integration or regular massage therapy.  With a bit of classroom education, some of the basics of comfortable postural alignment will be gained."  

"Also, KMI Structural Integration clients know that homework is in integral part of participating in a KMI series of sessions, and important to holding a more permanent alignment after a series is finished.  Embodiball Therapeutics serves as a focused support to be practiced between session times, and regularly thereafter.  Offering these workshops and classes is a way for me to gratefully synthesize and share all that has been shared with me.   The human body is my life's work, and this Embodiball Therapeutics Series work has a foundation in many of my favorite somatic education approaches to enjoying living in a body."

"This work just kind of bubbled up from inside me lately.  I have been working with small balls on my own for a dozen years and hadn't gotten around to teaching it.  Finally, as I completed my intensive training in KMI Structural Integration it all came together for me and I can't wait to share it with others."

​You can evolve your posture.  Scheduling a private or semi-private hour-long session is easy, too.  Simply call 802-254-7715 or email 

A ball is just a toy.......until it's a tool.

 Embodiball Therapeutics is challenging and relaxing, peaceful and intense, all at the same time.​

Susan Carbin-Hardee . Embodi  441 West River Road . Brattleboro VT 05301 . 802 254 7715 .

Bringing decades of movement study and movement practice to her studio classes, Susan creates private and semi-private yoga instruction, custom-designed to client development.

Susan began studying Iyengar yoga in the late 1970s with Boston teacher Karen Stephan and was intrigued by how satisfying it felt to silently unify body, mind, and spirit. Since that time, she has blended study of yoga along with many other dance and movement disciplines until finally choosing to become certified to teach embodyoga in 2004. Embodyoga is most simply defined as yoga practice from the inside out—an ‘embodied inquiry’ guiding direct experiences of sensing, feeling, and witnessing. It is a system of yoga that invites us deeper into ourselves—to the cellular level—leading to self-acceptance, insight, and inspiration.  

After researching a number of training programs, Susan found that 
embodyoga stood alone in its unique approach of synthesizing the 
pioneering experiential anatomy concepts of the School of Body Mind 
Centering into the core of its curriculum. Embodyoga founder, 
Patty Townsend, clearly envisions the embodied inquiry approach 
as the future direction of yoga in the 21st century. 

 “I am happy to have found a yoga training system that resonates so
 closely to my own way of understanding the human body.  
To be able to teach from this perspective is an honor and a joy."
 -Susan Carbin-Hardee, MA

There is a clear and fundamental difference between being led through a yoga class and being instructed in yoga. When Susan instructs you in her Embodi approach, she sees you—all of the postural habits built over a lifetime follow you into asana. 

She will gently and compassionately guide you to make postural corrections that will completely make sense to you and allow your practice to deepen organically. Instruction will always be attentive both to avoiding injuries and to working with old injuries and disabilities. And, as a seasoned massage therapist, Susan brings a tremendous amount of anatomy knowledge to her yoga instruction.

"Susan's joy and excellence as a teacher is the mature expression of what she knows from experience, intuits naturally, and has the professional ability to pass on to her students and clients for their growth and healing on many levels."  
-DG, Entrepreneur


Private and Semi-Private Classes
Scheduled in six-week segments, and as two-to-four hour posture clinics, classes are designed to help students learn intensively, with supportive handouts for following through at home. Maximum number of students for semi-private classes is four. Class rates begin at $60.00 per hour, which may be divided by the number of participants in the class.

Customized Posture Sequences
If you would like to deepen your home practice, or simply cannot get to the yoga studio often enough, Susan can create a customized group of yoga postures that targets your particular needs and wishes for steady gains in your yoga practice at home. Using a unique yoga software, postures are presented in a printed form with photos and full written instructions for your successful yoga development. For an additional fee a custom-recorded CD can be created for you, leading you through the asanas step by step, to accompany your printed sequence of postures. Prices for this service run from $100.00 to $200.00.

Embodyoga is most simply defined as yoga practice from the inside out.