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Embodi Massage Therapy
When we rest deeply in capable hands, muscle and connective tissues are more easily able to release to optimal length.  As a culture we are swamped with stimuli, over-scheduled, and longing for rest and connection. Experiencing structural integration or massage therapy can reset the body's tension level, 
bringing us into the relief of equilibrium.  In this work, Susan feels that she is 
leading people back home.

“When the body is experienced from within, body and mind are not 
separated but are experienced as a whole.” *

We forget sometimes that our bodies have an innate ability to heal.  Often Embodi 
technique seeks to bring this ability to the surface, through quiet attention where it 
is more available to tap.  Using that natural ability, in combination with advanced 
massage therapy and bodywork techniques to lengthen and release tight tissues,
pain naturally diminishes and freedom of movement is restored.

The more we are aware of our physical responses to the demands and struggles 
in life, the more we are empowered to make shifts on the cellular level where 
permanent, balancing change takes place.

In structural body work and massage therapy sessions, the Embodi approach is to first seek to establish a feeling of safety for clients which creates an excellent environment for relaxation and openness.  We begin with a thorough intake conversation to clarify problem areas and outcome goals.  Our work may take many forms including posture analysis, deep-tissue technique, positional release, passive stretching, trigger point pressure, visualization and Gestalt dialogue, fascia/connective tissue structural bodywork, or hot stone massage.  The objective is to customize the session to the individual’s needs, resulting in an outcome of much greater freedom of movement with less pain and deepened awareness. 

"Susan is incredibly skilled, and has helped me overcome injuries on many occasions.  
Seeing her regularly helps me maintain a more active and less stressful life."  

"If you want a massage, look in the Yellow Pages.  If you want a professional in every sense 
of the word, call Susan.  Susan's knowledge and talent as a massage therapist are only
surpassed by her consistent focus on what will best serve her client on that day and in that
session." -PM, Music Industry

"Susan does so much more than provide a therapeutic massage.  She targeted 
my tight hamstrings in a way that no other physical therapist, acupuncturist, 
or doctor was able to accomplish.  Her mind/body oriented newsletters are 
visually beautiful and filled with gems of healing advice.  No wonder she is 
considered Brattleboro’s best. " -CDF, Artist and Athlete


Massage Therapy Sessions
You are welcome to schedule your massage therapy session in lengths of one hour, one
and one-half hours, or two hours.  Rates from $80.00.

Specialty Techniques
For several specialized techniques that require extra training and materials, an additional fee per session is required. These techniques include: hot stone massage, posture analysis with digital photography, deep tissue massage, and moist heat hydrotherapy.  Typical additional fees of $10.00 to $20.00 per session.

Massage Classes and Clinics
Evening and weekend classes are occasionally planned as desired.  Couple's classes are a specialty and can be scheduled as a customized, one-time lesson..  Call or email with requests!

Gift Certificates
Gifts of single and multiple sessions are available any time.  Occasional specials are available.  Please call to inquire.  

*Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Our bodies are our teachers in the deepest sense of the word....

Susan Carbin-Hardee . Embodi . 441 West River Road . Brattleboro VT 05301 . 802 254 7715
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