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Susan Carbin-Hardee . Embodi. 441 West River Road .Brattleboro VT 05301 . 802 254 7715 .

    Gesture becomes habit, habit becomes posture, and posture becomes structure.


​KMI Structural Integration

In this slow and substantial bodywork, we seek to free the binding and shortening in the connective tissues called the 'fascial network'. Fascia is a pliable fibrous layer of tissue that permeates the body and surrounds muscle, bone, and organs. When adhesions form in response to poor posture, injuries, surgeries or emotional stress and trauma, the result is restriction in muscle function leading to an array of immobility and pain patterns.

This advanced form of holistic body therapy works to lengthen and reposition fascia to align and balance the body three-dimensionally in gravity. Results often include increased energy, greater range of motion, and a general sense of 'palintonicity', or even tone throughout the musculo-skeletal system.

A 3-session series 'tuneup', and a complete 12-session structural integration series are available, utilizing the pioneering technique of Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains and founder of Kinesis Myofascial Integration which is based on the work of Ida Rolf and updated with the new science of connective tissue pliability.  

Rates begin at $90.00. Sessions lengths can run from one to two hours each.